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Who are the Glamorous Ghosts?

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Several Sherlock Holmes stories involve the occult - esoteric supernatural beliefs and practices often involving magic. None of that here! Lady Juliet and her dog Pookie are straightforward members of the spirit world as a result of their deaths. No magic calls them back or invokes their intervention. They show up on their own. She wants to know who killed her and seeks Holmes' help. Pookie is her canine sidekick. One thing leads to another and they are soon off on a series of adventures in which the Baroness is called on to use her evanescence in support of Holmes and Watson. Sometimes she even goes corporeal with heaven's permission. Same for the dog. The Baroness is a product of my own imagination combining theatrical, musical and aristocratic elements in her personality. As the series' name suggests, she is a stunner. Pookie has some basis in reality. She is strongly reminiscent of Woof, our pet Bichon who lived with us, loved and charmed us for 15 years. If the two ladies stir your imagination, go to the bookstore section of this website where a large complement of ghost stories await. While you're there take a good look at Octavius Bear and his Casebooks. I hope you enjoy them all. Lots of folks have.

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