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About The Author
Harry DeMaio

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Harry DeMaio is a nom de plume of Harry B. DeMaio, successful author of several books on Information Security and Business Networks as well as the nineteen-volume Casebooks of Octavius Bear and the Glamorous Ghost collection.

He is also a published author of short detective stories (pastiches) for Belanger Books and the MX Sherlock Holmes series.

A retired business executive, former consultant, information security specialist, elected official, private pilot, thespian, disk jockey and graduate school adjunct professor, he whiles away his time traveling and writing preposterous books, articles and stories.

He has appeared on many radio and TV shows and is an accomplished, frequent public speaker.

Former New York City natives, he and his extremely patient and helpful wife, Virginia, live in Cincinnati (and several other parallel universes.) They have two sons, Mark, living in Scottsdale, Arizona and Andrew, in Cortlandt Manor, New York, both of whom are quite successful and quite normal, thus putting the lie to the theory that insanity is hereditary.

His e-mail is

You can also find him on Facebook.

His books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository and other fine bookstores as well as directly from MX Publishing and Belanger Books.

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