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Keeping track of time is an author's bane. Anachronisms can bring on barrages of mockery from fastidious readers and editors. I know only too well. In these two series, I have to treat time quite differently. The Octavius collection is set in 21st century earth but time runs differently in some of the alternate worlds the Great Bear and his Octavians visit. Fictional license, of course.

The Glamorous Ghost is quite another and unusual situation. Time moves differently for all the primary players. Holmes. Watson, Mrs. Hudson and the earth-bound characters are locked in the turn of the century English world. (1800's-1900's) Royalty transitions. New inventions abound. They grow older. While Lady Juliet and Pookie 'live' on in the afterlife in Paradise. How does time pass in eternity? No one grows older. Constant day, no night! Worse yet, she and the dog flit from one environment to the other and back. A bit of invention going on here. I haven't checked with the physicists or chronologists. And frankly, my dear. I don't give a damn. Apologies to the heavenly denizens.

You can struggle with time and infinity by taking up the Glamorous Ghost Tales listed in this site's bookstore.

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