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New Madness from MX Publishing

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Additions to both of our collections:

The Octavian Cases Book 17 in the Casebooks of Octavius Bear Series - Belinda, Octavius and the Twins continue the retirement-test sabbatical that they began in Australia. This time they visit several exoplanets in an off-world expedition. And the Octavians, back on earth, do a number on an infamous druglord. Mlle Woof becomes a Tarot talent!

Sherlock Holmes and the Glamorous Ghost Volume Two. Lady Juliet Armstrong Baroness Crestwell, (deceased) and her celestial canine, Pookie (also deceased) rejoin the very much alive Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson and Mrs. Hudson in seven more wild earthly adventures. Murders, extortion, false arrest, a night on the town and lots more.

These two volumes of madcap, mystical mischief and mayhem available now at MX Publishing. The link is on our homepage. I hope you enjoy them.

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