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Wizardry of OZ! Everything's Up Down Under.

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Here is an excerpt of a very complimentary review by Kirthana Shivakumar of Octavius Book 16 - The Cases Down Under. She loved it! Thank you, Thank you!

"The book begins with Bearoness Belinda and Octavius agreeing to try out a one-year sabbatical to see if retirement would suit them. They set off to Australia with the twins to visit Chief Inspector Bruce Wallaroo and Private Detective Matilda Roo. Unfortunately, criminal activity follows them around as surely as their tails do and they simply can't help themselves from unveiling all the mystery."

"Firstly, I believe that the concept is simply marvelous. It is eccentric and absurd and so thoroughly thought out that I can find no fault in it. The way the characters look and speak and are named fit them perfectly, which show off the author's cleverness. The way that real features of the species mentioned have been included in the book, add something special."

"Secondly, the humour in the book has been expertly woven into the story. It does not ask the plot to stop for a moment to let you laugh, instead, it has you quietly snorting and giggling all along. The humour is expressed not only through jokes but even the characters and their antics themselves give the reader quite a laugh."

"Thirdly, the plot itself has been masterfully built. It elicits gasps and open-mouthed shock along with wide-eyed dawning realisations. The various crimes have unique methods and motives that creatively reinvent cliche crimes of most mystery novels. The plot is also perfectly entertaining for such a short book and leaves you wanting more."

"Lastly, the writing style was a marvel to behold. The descriptions of Australia have been excellently researched and depicted. They easily transport you into the country and their world. The dialogues and character descriptions are crisp, cutting and hilarious."

"I would recommend this to anyone over the age of 14 as it has some complex vocabulary. It is perfect for anyone looking for a quick thrilling read. People who enjoy novels that are humorous and creative would certainly enjoy this one."


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